Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Don't Want to Go on the Cart . . .

Yeah, yeah. I know it has been over two months since the last post. First I was busy with exams, then I was busy with the Holiday season; now I am back in school. I will try to do better and post something more often. Anyway, this blog is not dead. My hatred of Linux is still red hot!


Anonymous said...

Good to know your still alive. Had pretty much given up on you.

Anonymous said...

The return of the KING!!!!! Its been so long!!!!

How does win 7 stack up anyway?

Anonymous said...

"Do you really think that something like Photoshop Elements is going to be created by the community?" GIMP. already has been made, and I hve yet to see anything that Photoshop can do that Gimp can not.
and Wine or crossover lets you install photoshop anyway. But IMO, Adobe's products are overpriced.

"Sun supports OpenOffice, but it still has issues. The spell-checker sucks even in the 3.0 version (at least for German)."
Then download a different one and import it durr dur de dur dur dur...for someone claiming to be smart you sure don't use logic alot.

Other examples are nice fonts,
step 1: open Nautalus
step 2: go to fonts://
step 3: copy fonts there
For fucks sake dude, it's like, the second listing on Google. Put forth some effort.

Video-Editing Software
you got me on this one...but, Moviemaker sucks anyway. Vegas is what I use =)

Audio-Production Software never tried it, but I know there are entire operating systems made for production.

Handwriting Recognition Wacom tablets work rather well from what I hear

Home-banking is my banking software.

There is no package for the distribution I am currently running, OpenSuse.
you started with Suse? hell, I run a very successful mom and pop computer repair outlet, and even I can't figure it out without help. Eh, at least you didn't use Gentoo....that thing is a bastard, even to linux gurus.

Lusers do not like to shell out money for applications, Nice mass generalization! I"m sure it's well researched, surveyed and acurate to the brim.

Software makers do not ship anything for Linux because they have no clue what they need to ship or it could be that there's so many distrobutions that they can't make one for every one, and also linux is like what....2% of the market?

Common users do not use Linux because the commercial applications are not present. correction: common users do not use linux because they either:
1: think it's all code
2: belive twits like you who, instead of just getting over something, go out of their way to crotchbleed about it.
3: like idiots, they try to run Microsoft Office or install lol_porn_virus.exe on it and freak out when it dosn't work.....
In short, people hate change and twits like you are not helping. So, cry more, maybe they'll make software to help dry your e-tears.

~Joe, Mac/Windows 7 via Parallels user

thepld said...

Welcome back! I just had to endure a diatribe from a coworker on how open source will take over, since you can't compete with free. This news has made my day!

Windom Earle said...

Joe, try to work with a 4Kx2Kx16bit image with dozens of layers in GIMP...