Friday, October 31, 2008

Rants and Laughs 4

Once again, I present the daily Rants & Laughs section. 

Finally, here is my first user submission. Thanks, thepld!

"Ubuntu 8.10 Outperforms Windows Vista "

Nevermind that the piece of shit can't do half the things that Vista
can...but hey, it boots 3 seconds faster! And all that performance must
be great for all that awesome Linux gaming? I bet you can get twice the
framerate in all five versions of Tux Racer than you did before!


Anonymous said...

Wow, those slashtards just made me lose words..
Most of the useful software available for Windows isn't as good as the software that comes with Linux, but it's out there, and a few (very few) of the apps are absolutely top-notch.
What the FUCK are they smoking?
This is totally beyond me.

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the blog. It's good to have a place where we can continue to expose the freetards and their freetarded ways. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

How Linux Supports More Devices Than Any Other OS, Ever

Guys, you really got to read that. There are some gems in there:

I will point out that every operating system breaks the internal API within the kernel every single time. The only way it doesn't break their API is if their operating system is dead and is not being developed anymore. It's just a different timeframe. The Windows timeframe of internal API changes, it's four, five years--six years sometimes; Solaris--three, four, five years; AIX--six, seven years--but they change. Every operating system changes; it's not a new thing. It's just that Linux has developed so much faster that you see it more.

LOL! What a wise answer! Maybe there's a difference between breaking things every 6 years and every 6 weeks. Who would have thought?

I said three things; I said they're illegal, they're unworkable, and they're immoral. Illegal in the fact that every single lawyer I've worked with has said there's no way you can create a Linux kernel driver these days that is does not fall under the GPL. IBM has publicly stood up and said so in a conference; a very high Vice President said that to a very large group of developers that they believe that it's not legal to create a non-GPL kernel driver, so it's not just me saying that.

Novell's public statement is something pretty close to the same thing. I can't remember the exact wording for it; so it's not me just saying that. That's illegal, so the license of the kernel and the way derivative works work because you can't ship a pre-built closed source Linux kernel driver.

Nice. Very nice. And yet freetards keep expecting us to believe that Linux will rule the world and hardware companies will bend and release all kind of specs and source code just to please these nut guys. Good luck!

shevy said...

This is not the same guy as on linuxhaters right?

It is getting confusing.... I guess i first have to find out if linuxhaters blog is really dead, and then who is this blog. I mean, the other guy got famous... i dont want his blog to die and follow someone else ramblings so easily ... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Well, unless the original Linux Hater is playing a prank on us, I think he's clearly stated that he has closed shop.

I guess this is it now, and I think the new Hater is doing quite ok for the moment, and wish him good luck.

Anonymous said...

"Ubuntu 8.10 Outperforms Windows Vista"

In terms of performance/resource consumption, any reasonable OS outperforms Vista. But Ubuntu is more resource hungry when compared to XP.

thepld said...

That was my submission, feel free to post name if you want. I wonder if any stories involving upgrade problems involving Ubuntu will be posted on /.? Of course not.

Anonymous said...

But Ubuntu is more resource hungry when compared to XP.

And virtually useless too. But that goes without saying.

Anonymous said...

I remember the tricks for tuning memory and swap usage in Win98. But that was an evil closed system, neh?

One would expect the glorious community of freedom loving distro rollers to actually optimize their desktop oriented products for the desktop.

But, no, there is this mentality that Linux is a jack of all trades. You must be able to run web and database servers on the same box you surf for rude pictures of Tux buggering the BSD mascot.
I often wonder just what the point is in having a "server" release and a "desktop" release when the main difference seems to be dumping the GUI et al and calling it a server.

Distributions are, in the main, just upstream code repackaged by monkeys, with a few added tools, some different apps, OMG~Compiz, and a different theme.

How innovative *yawn*

Wake me when the next metoobuntu appears. I need a new theme and package manager (sooner or later one will appear using something other than apt-get).

Anonymous said...

Great job man!. You are certainly capable of keeping the flame of truth burning after LH shut shop.

Lets crush the FOSStards!!!

Anti-Tux said...

Well, let me quash some rumors. No, I am not the same person as Linux Hater. LHB is, for all I know, gone for good. It happens; people burn out. In a reply to an email I sent him inquiring about the lack of updates, he said that he had covered the major stuff and did not know what else to add. In his final post, LHB opined that someone might pick up the torch. Well, I decided to be that someone. I think the message of Linux Hatred needs to be spread, so some good might come of this massive timesink. If I have to hate on the same project 1000 times to get them to change, then I will do so. Someone needs to perform the thankless task of ceaselessly puncturing the bubble of the smug, Freetard community. If you liked LHB and find my writing to be entertaining, informative, insightful, etc., then please read it. If you don't, don't.

Anonymous said...

Your writing is very "entertaining, informative, insightful, etc." Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

A couple of responses to Greg K-H's interview:

"I installed Ubuntu8.1 yesterday, as of this writing I have no keyboard, mouse, or nvidia support. That means even if I could see the login screen I couldn't log in anyway. Linux is nothing more that a curiosity, it's too glitchy and too complex even for the advanced Windows user. For those reasons it will NEVER be a mainstream os."

"Linux supports less devices than ever... New kernel breaks both my wifi and sound system :( Stop messing, and get some proper regression testing up already. No wonder it is free software, if I had to pay for it I would sue :)"

It is good people are speaking up against the Linux Loons' pro-Linux propaganda.

oiaohm said...

Linux Hater Redux need to get wiser and not pull in invalid documents to make a case.

The performance issue in Linux has nothing really todo with swap.

There is a nasty set of locks in all kernels between and including 2.2.0 and 2.6.26. Doing swap operations hit the locks. Linux had one global lock when activated all hardware access to anything else was cut off.

Working out what to swap out to disk guess what it engaged that lock. changing from 60 back to 50 reduced the number of times the swapping out code was accessed. Yes the lock was also activated even if no ram would be swapped to disk.

There were also a few 1000 other ways of activating this key lock.

This issue does not only effect desktop but also effects embedded really heavily and server to a scary amount. 64 way servers now can process 250% more due to the changes just in 2.6.27. 2.6.27 linux kernel still has more of these defective locks to remove.

ACPI is a nightmare for all OS's Linux just make a ACPI problem 100 percent displayed.

Windows case you get instability when you restore from hibernate and other effects. People write this down to Windows being windows. Issue here is the defect is ignored. So far every time a bios has had to be fixed for Linux there have been many more ignored problems on windows machines that have disappeared. Funny enough Microsofts own provided reference ACPI for bios makers is defective to run windows.

So yes ACPI using is a crapshot no matter what. Hopefully you don't get a motherboard from a maker that used just the MS reference. Then you are stuffed using Linux or Windows.

Strange thing found in the KDE rep was a fill in splash screen. White box really does not tell if it has rendered correctly. So yep someone had some fun.

Define glitch if you mean X11 not running smooth there are many nice causes of that. If you mean X11 crashing yep same. KMS fixed the glitchs switching between X11 and a termainal. DRI2 fixes up a lot of the compiz created deaths and added 2d acceleration. Yes most of X11 is currently software rendered.

There is proper regression testing one major problem. There is not enough people in it to cover all hardware combination. Even windows updates sometimes makes hardware non functional. Its just the way OS's are.

Be thankful that most Linux's roll back to the past kernels without issues. Windows update caused hardware failure is a major pain since it can be tricky to keep windows from reinstalling the update that caused the failure. Mine is my realtek audio. For some reason windows update want to call it Nvidia Audio. Yep that don't work. Most annoying is middle of playing a video it can uninstall the audio drivers as it installs the Nvidia ones that don't work.

Even if I disable updating drivers after that to stop it from happening again have to find and manually remove the Nvidia audio driver from system or it will keep on happening randomly.

There is no magic OS out there that does not hurt some people.

There are more bad luck stories for windows than Linux. It works out about the same. If you don't want to have hardware issues buy a Mac. Macs find other ways of hurting users.

Thing I like about Linux is it mostly lacks random nature. Either it works or it does not.

Final one you are aware there is a closed source driver support in Linux done two ways. Firmware that is run by the device itself and userspace drivers. Linux kernel user space api and ABI is highly stable.

So there is no reason for companies to hand over secrets. Specs to load the firmware and interface with the firmware is about it.

Main Linux kernel internal abi is unstable so putting a closed in there is simply asking for trouble.

Linux already has a large number of hardware makers onboard. Lot of the hold outs are due to technical reasons. Wifi need frequency control in different regions of the world. Some have got around this by firmware solutions. Other Wifi makers want a common framework before they release drivers or specs.

Other one is go look at Nvidia closed source driver it gets around it in a creative but legal way.

oiaohm said...

PS Windows XP SP3 put the Nvidia audio driver back again. If there is a service pack 4 I can most likely look forward to it back again.

Yet Linux installed on that hardware not a single issue. You would call that Motherboard Microsoft incompatible. Motherboard Box has a certified for XP on it.

Just have to accept there is bad all round. Some cases Linux will run glitchless other times windows will run glitchless all depending on what your hardware is.